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Why do you choose us? We have a complete technical system, strong production capacity and excellent cost control, and have 20 years of production experience. Our products cover all over China and more than 10 overseas countries. As a "world center city", Dubai's plumbing and manhole suppliers are very proud of us. We also believe that our products are your choice. Why is the demand for the ductile cast iron pipe getting bigger and bigger? With the strong demand of underground water network and sewage network brought by urban construction, the ductile cast iron pipe is a high strength, corrosion resistant, easy to install and powerful performance price ratio (contrasting steel pipe). It has become the first choice of water engineering at home and abroad. With the construction of high speed railway stations, airports and large rural water network reconstruction projects, underground water and sewage pipes have become more than ten or even tens of kilometers of pipe network construction from several kilometres of the city. In addition, because of the excellent performance and performance price ratio of the ductile cast iron pipe, the drainage pipe network of the chemical plant has also been replaced by the ductile cast iron pipe from the original sewn pipe and cement pipe which was easily corroded and leaked. Among our former customers, there are more high-speed rail stations, airports and Foxconn to use small diameter ductile iron pipes as threading pipes. Why does the flexible interface cast iron drain pipe become more and more popular? With the rapid development of real estate, the national acceptance standards for high-rise residential, office and high-rise hotel apartments are becoming more and more stringent. The traditional PVC and double wall threaded pipes have been abandoned in high rise buildings because of low strength, no fire protection and anti earthquake resistance, and in the market competition with galvanized steel tubes, it is flexible. The price of the cast iron drainpipe and its excellent seismic performance make it more popular in the market. The product of our company was used in the fire pipe network in the real estate before, and to the full use of water drainage and fire, the flexible interface drainage pipe has become the first choice of the real estate construction and drainage system. For example, Wanda Plaza and Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu in Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang are produced by our company's flexible interface drainpipes. What is the meaning of such low tech products? First of all, the idea that there is no technical content of the shaft cover is not correct. The traditional well cover is really just introducing the molten iron into the mold to complete the whole process of production. The technical content is not high, and it can only be used as the lowest level product of the municipal road and the real estate development. And "three guards" (anti-theft, anti noise, anti jump) "Five" (anti-theft, anti noise, anti jump, anti settlement, anti displacement) the appearance of the well cover technology has made our products get the welcome and recognition of the world market. 400 thousand of the wells used in Dubai, one of the "world centers", are made by ourselves. With the great development of domestic tourism, the demand for high quality cable cover and fire protection well cover is increasing, and the situation of short supply has occurred. Why will the price of the product fluctuate frequently? As the foundry industry, the cost of raw materials is more than 50%. Now, with the strict requirements of environmental protection, it is more than the demand in the country, so the price of our products will fluctuate with the rise and fall of steel and cement and the supply and demand of the market. I saw many shelf and shelf websites offering many good declarations. How do I know who is telling the truth and what is trustworthy? We only have one chance to give you a good first impression. Our business principle is to survive by quality, to develop by reputation, and to compete by service. This is the only reason why we can survive in the market and drive our old customers to repeat orders to us and recommend to our friends. Where can I see our products? You are welcome to visit our factory in China at any time. Or our ductile iron pipes, flexible interface drainpipes and manhole covers have been exported to about 40 different countries and regions. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will show you our existing customers or agents nearest to you.
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